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Condenser Cleaner Apex 4kg

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A-150M ALUMO SHINE Cleaner is a powerful acidic cleaner and brightener cleaner designed for cleaning all types of coils and metallic heat dissipating fins, expecially effective on aluminium surfaces, rendering the surface clean, free of oxidation and corrosion. 


Use only as directed. Do not use where through rinsing is not pracrical. Use only with system shut off. Dilute A-150M with up 5-10 parts of water in a plastic bucket or acid resistant sprayer depending on the degree of contamination. Allow it work for 5-10 minutes, then hose off with water and allow to dry. Examine surface for any remaining corrosion. Repeat application if necessary. 


Contains acid. Avoild contact with the eyes, skin and avoid breathing vapour or spray mist. Wash hands and face before going to the toilet. smoking or eating. Avoild direct contact. Wear proper clothing and use chemical resistant apron, face shield, rubber gloves and safety goggles. Flush with water if splashed on skin. If irrittion persists., consult physician. If splashed in eyes, irrigate immediately with plenty of clean water for at least 15 minuts. Obtain medical attention.