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DSZH Charging Scale - RCS 7040

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RCS series refrigerant charging scales are used for refriegerant charging, recovery & weighing of commercial A/C, auto A/C, refrigeratory systems. Portable carrying case with 223mm x 223mm platform. High capacity up to 100kgs (2201bs). High accuracy of +/-5g (0.01lb). high-visibility LCD display 66mm x 20mm & 67mm x 23mm optional.Flexible 6 inches( 1.83m) coil design. Long life 9V batteries.


NOTE: To prevent damage, never exceed the rated capacity of the SCALE.

Item RCS-7040
Range of weight 0-100kg or 0-220 lbs or
0 IB.00.00 oz-220 IB 00.00 oz
Accuracy 0.5% of reading
Resolution ±5g/0.010 IB/ 0.25 OZ
Unit Kg/Lb/OZ
Power supply 9VDC
Operting temp 32F To 113F(0℃ To 45℃)
Platform size 8-3/4"x 8-3/4" 223x223mm
Battery life 30 Hours Continuous Use