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DSZH Manifold Set Digital - WK 6889-L

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Switch between refrigerant pressure and vacuum.

Programmed with 88 refrigerant pressure and saturated temperature data taken from the latest NIST database.

Measuring Vacuum and shown in percentage.

Low battery indicator.Long battery life of 30 hours.

Show actual temperature,sub cooling,superheat,vacuum.

High resolution LCD with background lamp.

Low voltage DC 6V design.

2 way aluminum alloy manifold with diaphragm design.

Sensors: 2 pressure sensors and 2 temperature sensors.


Pressure units :KPA,INHG,KgF/cm2,PSI,Bar

Vacuum units:Torr,mmHg,Micron,%

Power:1.5V AA X 4=6V

Pressure measuring:actual pressure.

Temperature units:℉,℃

Measuring range: Vacuum:-101 Kpa~0Kpa

Proof prsddure:0 MPa~6 MPa

Refrigerant pressure:0 MPa~4 MPa

Sensor resolution: 1 KPa

Sensor accuracy:±0.5%

Overload limit: 100Bar,10Mpa

Operating temperature:-20℃~+60℃

Battery life: 30 hours

Sensor temperature range:-50C-150C(-58F-302F)

Temperature accuracy:<50C(+/-0.1C),>50-100C(+/0.2C),>100C(+/-1C)

Auto-off:15 min with disabling capability.


Item No. Size of hose
WK-6889-L 60″(150cm)


2Valve Digital manifolds + 3Pcs of charge hose.Working pressure,800PSI,Burst 4000PSI + 5Pcs of 1.5VBattery + 2Pcs of temper ature sensor+ 1Pcs of suitcase.