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Hydraulic Tube Expander – CT-300AL

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  • No copper coupling needed any more,Save cost of material.
  • Only one side need to be welded.Save cost and reduce possibility of leak.
  • Manual hydraulic mechanism design can expand tubings from 10mm to 42mm diameter.
  • Used for soft copper tube,Alumimum tube,Titanium tube,soft steel and other soft tube.

1.Deburr inside of tube.
2.Anneal the tube if necessary(for hard or thickwall tube).
3.Screw the expander head on expander.
4.Put the end of tube on expander head.
5.Tighten the relief valve knob to‘On’position then pump handle until tube is expanded to the end.
6.Turn the relief valve knob to‘OFF’possition to loosen expander head.Remove expanded tube.