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Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector – DSA 200

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The DSA-200 Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector is most technologically advanced of it is kind. The DSA-200 low power requirements, small size and its sensitivity combine to create a tool which is easy to handle and ultra effective at locating even the most difficult-to-find leaks . Fully SAE J1627 compliant, the DS-A-200 will detect leaks as small as 0.1 oz / yr (3g/year) in R12,R22,R134a and other halogen refrigerant systems.

DSA-200 has added useful features to enhance the usability. 1-5 levels range for real-time sensitivity cycle adjustment.6 pieces of LED displays the leak degree in large range in the form of "gradually lights the light" . and also indicates the sensitivity level. Tactile keypads make the operation more convenient.

Item No. DSA-200
Dimensions 17cm x 6cm x 3.8cm
Batteries 2x 1.5 V‘AA’Alkaline Batteries(3 VDC)
Battery Life 40 hours
Sensitivity <3g/year (0.1 oz/yr)
Sensor lifetime approx. 30 hours
Operating temperature 32-122° F(0-50℃)
Warm up time <2 sec.
Response time instantaneous
Reset time instantaneous
Probe length 12" (30 cm)