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Suniso Compressor Oil

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Recommended by most major equipment manufacturers and refined from especially selected naphtenic base oils. Highly stable, essentially wax free, thus providing excellent low temperature properties and assuring long trouble-free life. Suniso GS oils can be used in virtually any installation, regardless of compressor or evaporation temperature and are miscible with (H)CFC refrigerants and natural refrigerants.

Suniso GS oils can be applied in commercial as well as in residential refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Suniso 3GS :

Density at 15°C 0.914
Viscosity at 40°C 30 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C 4.4 cSt
Flash point 168°C
Pour point -40 °C
Flock point -54°C
Aniline point 74°C




Suniso 4GS :

Density at 15°C 0.916
Viscosity at 40°C 55 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C 5.9 cSt
Flash point 179°C
Pour point -36 °C
Flock point -48°C
Aniline point 77°C
Colour 1